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Sanibel Island Day Trips: Edison-Ford Estate

Sanibel has so much to offer travelers and locals alike. During your stay, it’s difficult to decide what to do next when you’re not wandering our beach collecting all those beautiful shells, or exploring the island on the seat of a bike. One of the more fascinating places to visit off-island is one of the oldest and interesting attractions in the Sanibel-Fort Myers area– The Edison-Ford Winter Estates. The nation’s two most noted inventors were also friends and “wintered” together here in Fort Myers. Not only do the two restored historic homes offer the visitor a view into the lives of these incredibly talented men and their families, but a glimpse into the lives of those who lived in this area in times gone by.

Thomas Edison, inventor extraordinaire, businessman, entrepreneur, and first-class genius found Fort Myers the perfect climate to winter back in the 1880s. His famous quote being:
“There is only one Fort Myers in the United States, and there are 90 million people who are going to find it out.”

His optimism for this beautiful area did prove to be true as well. His Winter here was one of hard work and long hours in his laboratory he had built next to the residence. Rubber being in demand and expensive to import from Asia became one of his major projects. He was able to grow plants all year round which aided his experimentation in synthetic rubber for domestic use. His wife Mina created beautiful gardens surrounding the home and you can still view many different and unusual plants. And of course, there is the first cement swimming pool built for his guests to enjoy. It is still there today, glimmering as it did the day he built it over a hundred years ago.

Henry Ford of Detroit auto fame bought the house next door to Edison and shared this beautiful climate with him. Together they motored all over the area. You can see some of these cars in the Ford Garage on the property.

Your entire family will enjoy this tour back in time! You will never forget this lovely garden spot.
Check out their website for full listings of events at the time of your stay to fully maximize your visit!

Contact The Edison-Ford Winter Estates:
2350 McGregor Blvd, Fort Myers, FL 33901
Phone: 239-334-7419

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