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Birdwatching on Sanibel Island

Many of our guests ask us where the very best places are to watch our amazing birdlife on the island. Honestly, where can you NOT view birds should be the question. We are truly blessed to be able to actually walk out of our doors here at Pelicans Roost and see a wealth of area birds. Sanibel is a paradise for our winged friends.

Just steps away, on our beach, you can find most types of wading and flying birds. You will see pelicans, seagulls, snowy plovers, and terns. Nighttime brings out the owls and the occasional bat. Farther afield from Pelican’s Roost, you can enjoy hours of birdwatching from one of the many nature trails available to the public here on the island.

Our own Sanibel Captiva Conservation Foundation is in charge of all the wonderful trails on the island. Birds to be found on our trails include the red-shouldered hawks, owls, field sparrows, warblers, orioles, and falcons. Every month except October gives us nesting birds of all kinds, so you are sure to see nests being built and brooding in progress.

Ding Darling Wildlife Refuge offers up roseate spoonbills, pelicans, wading birds of every kind and color. From herons, egrets, cormorants, and ibis. Ding Darling puts out a list of wildlife sighted every week so you can plan your outing during your visit to our sanctuary island.

Ding Darling also has guided tours that will take you to the nesting areas of birds that are here during your stay. It’s an exciting tour and surely one that you will not soon forget.

One of the best spots for both amateur and professional birdwatchers is at the Lighthouse.
During Fall, Winter, and Spring in the early morning hours, you will be able to see migrating birds by the thousand resting in the trees from their long trek. Your ultimate list of the birdlife on Sanibel and Captiva islands can be found here.

You and your family can become expert birdwatchers in no time on Sanibel! Just walk out of your door and start looking into our own trees and beach!

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