Sanibel Is Open For Business – Pelican’s Roost Hurricane Irma Update

Sanibel Is Open For Business – Pelican’s Roost Hurricane Irma Update

A little over two weeks ago, Hurricane Irma made landfall in our corner of Southwest Florida. Sanibel Island was pummeled with a record-breaking 5.11 inches of rainfall and winds reaching up to 57 mph. At Pelican’s Roost, we secured our property and made sure all our guests and owners were safe and waited…

After the storm had passed and Sanibel Causeway was reopened, we were able to assess the damage to our property and the island. Thankfully, Irma’s eyewall avoided Sanibel and our island sanctuary was spared major destruction. Much of the island, including Pelican’s Roost was out of power for less than a week. At Pelican’s Roost, there was no damage to our structures or our landscaping. No repairs are necessary in relation to the storm, but renovations we had planned before Irma hit will continue as usual. We expect these renovations will be completed by October 15, 2017.

In the days after the storm, homeowners and businesses began to return, remove their storm shutters and return to island life as usual.

Currently, the island is back and bustling! Save for superficial landscaping damage to some of the island’s trees, Sanibel avoided the “worst case scenario” proposed by national meteorologists and looks just as beautiful as always. Within two days after Irma, all vegetation debris was removed from our city’s streets. Yes, some businesses are still closed for repairs and some piles of plant debris are awaiting pick up, but overall, our community has taken a deep sigh of relief and is looking forward to starting “Season” with a bang!

Most of Sanibel islands businesses and attractions are open. If you’re planning to visit within the next few weeks, you are able to dine at your favorite restaurants, explore Ding Darling and other natural areas, purchase a souvenir from a number of local shops, boutiques and galleries, and of course, go shelling! Local captains have inspected our surrounding waterways and have reported that channel markers and wake signs are intact and that it’s difficult to find any damage caused by Hurricane Irma. Captain Matt Mitchell reports that fishing conditions are above average and the “best we have seen in months.”

We would like to thank LCEC for restoring our power in a timely manner, all the first responders and law enforcement officers who assisted those in need while keeping our community safe and calm, and our local government officials for keeping us updated and for their tireless efforts in getting our island community back on its feet as soon as Hurricane Irma had passed.

In our opinion, the best way to melt away any residual post-hurricane stress, is to celebrate with us, right here, in the heart of paradise. Please give us a call and our accommodations experts can assist you in securing your spot on the Sanibel Island sand with us at Pelican’s Roost. You’re only one phone call away from the getaway of your dreams, 1-877-757-6678.

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