Pickleball Sanibel Island FL

Pickelball Sanibel Island

Listed on the official USAPA Pickleball page, Pelican’s Roost is proud to offer Pickleball as a new amenity to our guest. Hosting the only lighted pickleball courts in Sanibel, we offer our guest the opportunity to keep playing when the sun goes down.

What is pickleball?

Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports in the country. Starting in the mid 60’s, pickleball combines several court related sports into one! Tennis, badminton, and ping pong players can all enjoy the excitement of a exhilarating match. Played on a badminton size court, players use wooden paddles to hit a ball back and forth over a net. The server has the ability to score, the receiver does not. The rules for pickleball are easy to understand, and individuals all ages can enjoy the sport.

Outdoor Pickleball – Under Lights

Practice your swing just steps from the shell-strewn sands of Sanibel Island. Pelican’s Roost is pleased to offer Pickleball on Sanibel Island as the newest amenity to our valued guests. The on-site courts are the only lighted outdoor Pickleball courts on Sanibel Island. Officially listed by the USA Pickleball Association, our two Pickleball courts provide space for up to four players at a time, and are open from 8 until 10 pm. Court usage is included with your accommodations rental.

Touted by NBC News as the fastest-growing sport in the country, Pickleball is a unique blend of tennis, badminton, and ping pong played on a badminton size court in teams of two.

Considered a low-impact activity, Pickleball is the perfect way for guests of all ages to enjoy time outside while staying active.