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Celebrate National Seashell Day at Pelicans Roost!

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What better place to be on National Seashell Day than at Pelicans Roost on Sanibel Island?

Join us on June 21, 2017 for the actual National Seashell Day but you can enjoy the entire Summer on our beautiful shelling beach right in front of your door!

For the second year in a row the event will be hosted on Sanibel Island with national press coverage in the form of Good Morning America on our beach with the now famous shell love bugfrom Lee County’s very own Visitor and Convention Bureau.  

This special day gives visitors and locals alike a special look into our island life with seashell attractions, shelling cruises, guided tours, shell bags and many other fun activities for families of all ages. The National Shell Museum is also at home on our island and will be involved in the festivities as well. Our shells are truly our treasures from the sea and of course Seashell Day could be said to be every day of the year not just in June so you will not miss out on any shell finds whenever you find yourself on Sanibel Island.  

Long standing wisdom on the island has given us some really helpful tips for you to find those great natural souvenirs to bring back to your home.

Some of these would be:

You can choose different times of the day for your shelling, keep in mind that early mornings are best as you are the first sheller of the day to discover unique treasure. It’s quite the common sight before the sun rises to see bobbing flashlights in the surf.

After storms or days of heavy surf are fantastic times for finding great shells that don’t make it to the beach during our normal tidal action.

Don’t forget that shelling bag!  You know you will find more than a handful or pocketful of shells.  Some folks even carry backpacks.

Live shells are a no no!  Stiff fines try and keep the live animals in their shell so that they can procreate and keep our beach full of shells for years to come.

Take a look at the Visitor and Convention Bureau’s website to see the wide variety of activities for this June!

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